Landscape Design and Installation


Landscape Design and Installation

At Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape everything we do is driven by a desire to create beautiful and unique outdoor living spaces.  We do this by controlling every step of the project from the design creation to the installation of the landscape, as a full service landscape company, you can count on Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape to see your project through from idea to completion.



Coming Close to A new Rainfall Record

There have been 16 days straight of rain, yeah that is a lot.  For those of us in Fredericksburg, Stafford or Spotsylvania Virginia VA, that puts us new the top 3 all time.

Just know that rain will stop and we will complain that the grass is turning brown.  Do not worry, we an help with a lawn sprinkler system.  When mother nature does not irrigate for you, use your custom designed irrigation system to water as needed.

Better yet, let us install a Smart Irrigation System.  Our Smart Lawn Sprinklers water based on weather.  This will ensure that when we have rain like this, the system knows what to do.  When the rain stops and we get temperatures into the 90’s, the system still knows what to do.


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Crab Grass and Weed Control

The Spring season is off to a fast start.  We raced to beat the fluctuating temperatures to get the first application of pre-emergent down before the soil temps got to a consistent 55 degrees.  That is when crab grass will germinate.  Now we are ready for our second application.

This time we will be applying a pre and post emergent mix in our chemical spray.  We want to fight against any crab grass that might have germinated and start to target spring and summer weeds, like the hated dandelion.  We will also target other broad leaf weeds with this application.

So, lets fight those weeds and develop a healthy lawn with a good weed prevention and fertilization program!


Lawn Care

Need lawn care help in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania Virginia?  We are here to help.

Developing a lush green lawn in our area can be tough.  Many may not know what to do and when do to help.  The article below confirms that there are a lot of misunderstood things when it comes to lawn care.

We understand what it takes and can put you on a path to success.  Give us a call at 540-898-3555 and schedule a time to meet with us on your property

Soil Testing and Your pH

Soil testing is a necessary practice to better understanding your soil acidity and allowing for your landscape to achieve its full potential. Soil acidity or pH impacts how your plant material will thrive in its soil environment.  Measuring and understanding the pH influences chemical properties and impacts the availability of nutrients to your plant material.  The correct pH for plant material can vary from plant to plant.  The only way to be sure, is to test the soil.

Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

  • Filters and Captures Runoff:  Driveways, sidewalks, roads, etc turn rain water into fast moving runoff.  Grass slows it down and absorbs runoff….cleansing water of impurities, resulting in 10 times less acidic water that enters our waterways.
  • Reduces Heat:  Lawns can be 31 degrees cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare soil.
  • Improves Air Quality:  Grass plays a role in capturing dust, smoke particles and other pollutants .  Without grass these would remain in the air and result in more “code red” days.
  • Adsorbs Carbon Dioxide:  Lawns absorb more carbon Dioxide than any other plant type.
  • Generates Oxygen:  A 25 square foot area of grass supplies enough oxygen to support one person for a day.
  • Supports Biodiversity:  Provides food and habitat for many species of animals, supporting an entire eco system.
  • Controls Soil Erosion:  The dense blades and fibrous root system helps keep soil in its place.  Ensuring soil does not erode into out fresh water systems creating chemical and nutrient problems for fish by stealing oxygen from the water.

Commonwealth Irrigation located in Fredericksburg provides lawn maintenance, irrigation systems and various other services to the surrounding communities

Snow Shovel Safety

Shoveling Techniques

  • Never use a shovel that is too large, it requires extra effort and will tire you out.
  • Push snow whenever possible and lift only when necessary
  • Lift with you legs and knees, not with your back
  • Keep a reasonable pace: do not do long strenuous shifts and over exert yourself
  • Refuel with water and healthy foods



The heat of the Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania summer is here.  Most are enjoying vacations and family time.  This is also the time to look at new landscaping ideas and plan for the late summer early fall planting season.  It will be here before you know it.

Early Summer

The Summer season is almost upon us and we are well under way with lawn care and landscaping projects.  Now is the time to make sure you are protecting the grass and plants.  We can help with an automatic irrigation system, or if you looking for new landscaping install native plants that are more drought tolerate and work well in our mixed climate.

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