Fertilization Program Fredericksburg VA

Fertilization Program Fredericksburg VA

Is your lawn bare? Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape can offer a fertilization program that is designed for your Fredericksburg property and your budget. We provide high-quality lawn care at reasonable rates. Learn more about our commercial lawn maintenance programs in our website and call  540-898-3555 or 800-443-9668 for more information.  

A good fertilization program for your Fredericksburg property can help keep your garden blooming. That said, fertilization will be useless if you don’t know how to water your lawn. Here are tips on watering your plants properly, as well as tips on how to save water:
• Consider the weather. If it is the rainy season, you don’t have to water your plants too much.
• You shouldn’t drown your lawn with water. It is better to water it every 15 minutes instead of continuously watering for one entire hour.
• Make sure that your sprinklers are positioned in the middle of the lawn. Don’t put it on the side where it will just water the sidewalks.
• The best time to water your plants is in the morning, anytime from 5am to 10am. This way, the air is generally cool and the sun is still low.
• Try the drip system. If you have potted plants raised above the grass, just water the plants. The excess water will then drip to the grass.
A landscaping and lawn maintenance company can set up an excellent fertilization program in Fredericksburg for your home or commercial property. Contact Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape for assistance. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians can offer the best solutions for fertilization, irrigation, and more. If you want to know more about Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape, just keep browsing our website. For specific inquiries, please leave a message on our contact form.
Fertilization Program Fredericksburg VA
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