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Grout Cleaner Sarasota

If you need a professional grout cleaner in the Sarasota area, look no further than Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care. Their expert technicians and state of the art cleaning system will ensure that your grout will look as good as it did when it was new. After cleaning your grout, they can professionally seat it as well, to help keep it clean permanently. They can also recolor your grout for a more permanent solution.

If you’re tired of looking at old, dirty or discolored grout and are interested in having your tile grout revitalized, Guaranteed Carpet & Tile can handle the job. Their 11 step process will ensure that it’s done properly, so that your results will last. Take a look:

- A pre-test of your floor will determine what type of type their technicians will be working with.

- Next, your floor will be professionally inspected for cracked tiles, missing grout and any other damage that needs to be addressed. These conditions will all be brought to your attention prior to cleaning.

- Special spotting solutions will be used that break down the tough stains in the grout, such as gum or rust.

- Pre-conditioning treatment will be generously applied to your floor. This is a cleaning agent that penetrates the grout to break down dirt, grease, cooking oil and any spills that may have occurred over time.

- To aid the pre-conditioning agent, a special soil agitation brush will work to loosen the embedded soil in the grout lines.

- One of the most important steps, the hot water rinse is conducted with high-powered truck-mounted equipment that will thoroughly rinse the floor, whisking away any loosened dirt and grime.

- Neutralizing will take place with a pH balancing agent so that all cleaning sprays are neutralized to avoid damage to tile and grout.

- Extra attention will be given to the tight areas, along baseboards and edges with specialty tools that will provide an exceptionally clean floor.

- Using high-velocity air movers, your floors will be quickly dried after cleansing.

- Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care recommends that you have a professional come in and seal your grout. Unsealed grout is very porous and is easily stained. Sealing your grout will protect it from unsightly staining and costly repairs down the line. Guaranteed Carpet is able to apply a grout sealer or colorized grout sealer to give your tiled floor a brand new look.

- The post-cleaning inspection will ensure that you are totally satisfied with the results of having your grout cleaned. As a professional grout cleaner in Sarasota, Guaranteed takes their job seriously and wants to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied with the job before they leave.

In the case that your grout was not sealed at the time when it was installed, it’s a good idea to have it sealed after a professional cleaning. Take care not to purchase cheap hardware store grout sealers as they generally do not protect very well.

Call Guaranteed’s expert grout cleaner in Sarasota at 941-923-2498, and enjoy the look of new floors in your home.

Grout Cleaner Sarasota
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