Lawn Care Fredericksburg VA

Lawn Care Fredericksburg VA

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape is a leader in lawn care in Fredericksburg. We specialize in lawn and landscape maintenance. With our help, you can be sure that your lawn and landscape look their best. We provide our services to both commercial and residential customers, and we can create a customized lawn care program that suits the unique requirements of your property.  

Is your lawn looking a little brown and dry? Does it have bald spots? Don’t worry—you can achieve a green and healthy lawn without breaking the bank. Here are some lawn care tips in Fredericksburg to save you money:
• Opt for low-maintenance grass - Sometimes it is better to just start from scratch. Don’t try to save the old grass, as doing that can be expensive. There are some species of grass that are drought-resistant and grow slowly.
• Use mulch - Grass clippings can be used as mulch. Don’t throw them away. You can save up to 30% on fertilizers by using mulch.
• Maintain mowers - If you cut your own grass, it is best to keep your machine’s blades sharp. Not only will this save gas--it can also keep grass from getting ‘stressed,’ which can cause them to get sick.
• Water wisely - Invest in a good irrigation system. Everything should be well placed so that the sprinklers don’t end up watering the pavement. 
Have a professional handle the setup of your irrigation system. Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape can design irrigation systems and landscape architecture. We can also offer regular lawn care for your Fredericksburg home. Call us at 800-443-9668. You may also click on the customer portal here on our website to view Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape’s project calendar and lawn maintenance calendar.
Lawn Care Fredericksburg VA
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