Lawn Care Stafford VA

Lawn Care Stafford VA

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape provides comprehensive lawn care services and maintenance for Stafford commercial and residential properties. Visit our website and contact us so we can develop a lawn maintenance program that is best for your budget and your property. Fertilization programs, trimming and turf mowing, spring clean-ups, and mulching are some of our maintenance services.  

Lawn care in your Stafford property should be taken seriously. You might not know it, but you can actually be doing a lot of damage to your lawn when you don’t use fertilizer properly. Here are some things you should avoid:
• Fast-release chemical fertilizers - This fertilizer will definitely make your lawn greener in no time but it is tough on the environment. When not applied correctly, it can burn your grass.
• Weed control starter fertilizer - This type of fertilizer will prevent other seeds from germinating, not just weeds.
• Not following the instructions - Read the instructions on boxes carefully and follow them. This includes instruction on the type of spreader or dropper to use.
• Fish, blood, or bone meal fertilizers - This should be avoided especially if you have pets. Dogs can end up eating them.
If you find it hard to DIY your lawn care in Stafford, just contact a professional. Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape has been providing full services for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are highly trained and can offer modern and long-lasting solutions for your lawn. Click the customer portal here on our website to access our residential irrigation service contract. If you have any questions, you may reach Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape via phone at 800-443-9668 or 540-898-3555.
Lawn Care Stafford VA
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