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Grande prairie trees

Grande prairie trees

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any yard, but planting and maintaining one is not as easy as it may seem. Grande Prairie trees can be purchased from Greenblade Landscape Company and can be shipped right to your home. Thanks to the position of the nurseries, the trees are hardy and durable. The irrigation system helps the trees that are grown to be high in quality.

How Do I Care For A Replanted Tree?

While Greenblade is ready to bring home your new tree at any time of the year, having a tree replanted in your yard is just the first step. Caring for and maintaining a tree requires work and research. If the newly planted tree isn’t cared for how it should be, it could die. For successful replanting, there are three key tips to remember.


Watering is essential for most plants, and trees are no different. Water is what helps trees to absorb moisture and oxygen starting in the roots. When a tree is replanted it becomes stressed so a little extra water might be necessary to keep it healthy. In general, young trees should be watered every day for about two weeks. After that two week period, watering them once a week is a good rule to stick to. It is important to account rain into this schedule, as overwatering can be dangerous to the tree. However, during any especially hot or dry periods, your tree should be watered more than usual.


Mulch is what helps trees hold on to moisture. It also helps to fight off weeds and make sure soil temperatures stay balanced. While mulching your tree is important, it is also possible to over mulch, and this can harm your new tree. Too much mulch contributes to fungi and diseases, and it can even attract unwanted pests. There is a correct way to mulch. Use no more than four inches of mulch, and make sure it reaches out as far as the tree’s leaves go. After this, clear out an area of about two inches around the trunk of the tree so air can circulate.


Pruning a tree is the act of cutting and trimming any branch defects, as these can hinder the way your tree grows. When your new tree is first planted, make sure to go ahead and prune it of any minor defects or damages. After this initial trimming, make sure not to prune again for around a year if your tree is still fairly young. Young trees are still growing, so pruning them too much during this stage will limit their growth.

What Is Transplant Shock?

Greenblade Landscaping ships trees from their nurseries right to your yard, which is known as transplanting. While this is a good way to bring home a beautiful tree, there is the risk of transplant shock. This happens after a tree is moved around and goes into shock from the change. While it is hard to avoid this all the time, the above three steps can help.

Grande prairie trees
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