Lawn Service Fredericksburg VA

Lawn Service Fredericksburg VA

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape is dedicated to helping you with your lawn care maintenance and landscaping services keeping your property looking its best. We understand the investment that is made in your landscape, we can work closely with you to develop a program that works best for you and your property, whether your in Fredericksburg VA or in one of the surrounding Counties we service, such as Stafford and Spotsylvania.

All of our team members providing lawn maintenance and landscape services provide a professional and courteous service. Each of them in uniform and in a vehicle with an identifiable logo.

Our services include, but are not limited to…..

Turf/Lawn Mowing and Trimming:  What makes us different?  We only use walk behind mowers on residential properties, no big ride on or zero turns.  We use a stick edger at drive ways and sidewalks to make sure the edge is clean and straight, no trying to balance a weed eater and getting uneven gaps.

Fertilization Programs:  We provide a six application process.  Each sprayed via a calibrated spray gun.  This allows for even coverage and limits the need to “water-in” pelletized applications getting mixed coverage results.

Mulching Applications:  We can install regular or dyed mulch and even rock coverings if you prefer.  Understanding the need to keep mulch away from tree and plant trunks to protect against disease.

Spring Clean-Ups:  This is what will get your yard ready for the season!  Our Spring Clean-Ups include collecting winter debris (trash, sticks etc.) from site, redefining plant bed edges and the installation of the mulch of your choice.

Post Emergent Weed Applications:  Should weeds germinate in your yard, we can apply a liquid weed spray application to help control their growth and kill them.

Late Summer Mulching:  Similar to our Spring Clean-Up,  we redefine the plant bed edges, apply a top dressing of mulch and pull summer weeds in plant beds.  Cleans everything up to close out the season with a great looking plant bed space!

Leaf Removal:  Got Leaves?  We can blow them into a wooded area on site, vacuum them up and completely remove them from your property or simply mulch them back into the yard.

Fall Over-Seeding:  Fall is the time to re-seed your cool season Tall Fescue.  We use a premium Tall Fescue blend supported with a starter fertilizer.  Get this done before Mid-October for best results.

Aeration:  This can be done almost any-time of year.  However, it is normally completed with the fall over-seeding.  The Aeration process is designed to loosen compacted soils, allowing for more air, water and nutrients to reach the root system of your turf.

Lime Applications:  Think your Ph is off?  A soil test is the best way to be sure.  But, liming at a rate of 50lbs/1000 square feet is a good way to get lime into your soil.

Lawn Service Fredericksburg VA
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