Bureau, Shante – add a zone/repair

2824 Slingerland Dr.

Fredericksburg, VA 22408


Estimate to replace all sprays and nozzles zone 1, replace all rotors zone 2, change all rotors
to MP rotors zone 3, replace and move rotors zone 4, and replace 3 spray bodies and MPs
and replace 3 rotors zone 5. Estimate also includes adding 1 rotor zone to cover back left of
property, fixing any existing leaks and any damage caused by adding additional zone, and
installing Rachio controller being supplied by homeowner.

Estimated materials include 17 rotors, 8 MP rotors, 5 sprays, 125’ 1” PVC, 200’ funny pipe
and 1 valve. Wire and modular space available to support new zone.


Jun 06 2024


All Day


2824 Slingerland Dr.
2824 Slingerland Dr.

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