Jeff Keller- Add on/repair

Jeff Keller

393 Pear Blossom Rd.

Stafford Va 22554



Estimate includes adding 2 rotor zones to cover rear turf. Rotors on rear property line to
overspray into common/conservation area.
Estimated materials include 7 rotors, 3 MP rotors, 180’ 1” PVC, 100’ funny pipe, 2 valves, 1
10” round, and 1 3 zone modular. Wire space available to support new zone.
Estimate to replace damaged PVB 720 backflow device.
Estimate to run 60’ 4” solid drain tile from 1 ½” PVC sump line on rear of house to rear left
corner of property with pop up emitter.


Apr 18 2024


All Day


393 Pear Blossom Rd.
393 Pear Blossom Rd.

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