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Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape is dedicated to providing the best in customer service. We are always available by phone and/or e-mail to answer all your questions. However, we have provided a short list of the most commonly asked questions to help assist you in your irrigation needs.

How much does an irrigation system cost to have installed?

Every property brings it own set of variables that impact the overall cost of an irrigation system. However, an average system will cost around $2,500.00 completely installed.

Will the installation of the system damage my lawn?

We make every effort to keep the disruption of the lawn to a minimum. It is in our best interest to have this preferred end result. You will know that the system was just installed however; within two weeks (on average) the visual effects of the installation have gone away. The more you take care of your lawn upon completion of the installation the better your results will be. We use trench-less technology to install our pipes so your expectations can be high of our company.

How long does it take to have a system installed?

99% of our systems are installed in one day. So you can begin using your system immediately.

What type of warranty does Commonwealth provide?

Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape provides a three year warranty that covers both parts and labor. It is designed to protect you against manufacturer defects and workmanship issues.

What type of products does Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape use?

We are a Select Gold Standard Rain Bird Contractor recognized by Rain Bird at a National level. We will install a complete package of Rain Bird equipment so you know you are getting the best quality and technology on the market today.

What type of pipe is used?

We install a complete of PVC system for both mainlines and lateral lines using Rain Bird flex pipe for head connections.

When should I turn my system on?

We recommend late March early April. Let the change in season also help with this decision.

When should I turn my system off?

We recommend having your system winterized by Thanksgiving. You need to begin getting on our schedule in September and October.

My alarm light is on, what does that mean?

There are a few reasons why your alarm light could be on (based on model). The most common reasons that your Rain Sensor is working and has bypassed your program because there has been sufficient rainfall or you have a programming conflict and need to review the details of your watering program. You can bypass the Rain Sensor by “clicking” the toggle switch on the front of your controller from “Active” to “Bypassed”.

What is the “Brass” device with pipes coming up from the ground?

This device is your back-flow prevention device. It is a protection device for the potable water supply and is required by all jurisdictions within Virginia. Many jurisdictions require that the device be tested annually to ensure its proper function.

Where is the main water shut off for my system?

This is in one of two places depending on how your system was installed. If you have an “outside” connection it is located within the valve box closest to your water meter. You will need to bend down to reach the ball valve. If you have an “inside” connection, a ball valve is located somewhere in the basement or under the house that will allow for you to isolate the irrigation system. If you have a leak in the system, turning the system off at one of these locations needs to be the first thing you do.

How do I adjust a rotor?

There are many rotors on the market. We install a 5000 series rotor from Rain Bird. You do not need a special key for the Rain Bird rotor. A small flat tip screwdriver will do. We have attached a PDF file for you to open with adjustment instructions. Also, look at our helpful videos.

How do I make adjustments to my controller?

There are many controllers on the market. We commonly install an ESPMe and an ESPSMTe Modular controller from Rain Bird. Because there are many functions to these controllers we recommend viewing our helpful videos page, (your most common functions are also located on the inside of your controller door).

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