Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape is a “Select Gold Standard Rain Bird Contractor”. We specialize in the installation of Rain Bird equipment. Although we are trained to use any manufacturers’ equipment, we feel that Rain Bird provides the best technology and quality on the market. We hope to answer questions by outlining the most commonly used equipment below.

Sprinkler Heads

The most commonly used sprinkler is either a spray head or a rotary head. The types of sprinkler heads we install are determined by the water pressure available, dimensions of the area being covered, and a variety of other factors.

Spray Heads

e1-144x300This is the most common item thought of when thinking of a sprinkler system. These spray heads are dispersed around the lawn in various positions and in planting beds.

The spacing between sprinklers can vary depending upon the specific nozzle installed in the head, but they are rarely spaced further than 15 feet apart.

The pop-up heights vary between manufacturers with 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, and 12″ pop up sprays being the most commonly available. The high-pop-up models including the 6 inch and 12 inch are mostly used for flower and shrubbery bed areas.

The most basic version of a spray head is a fixed head mounted on a flex fitting with flex hose. The flex fitting with flex pipe allows for easy adjustments as plants and landscapes mature. Risers are sometimes used as well, with the spray head on top.

Rotary Heads

e2-150x150These sprinklers are larger devices that are used in open, un-interrupted spaces that allow water to be dispersed 25 to 30 feet or more. These heads typically pop-up during use and retract after operation for use in lawns or other areas with foot traffic. When in use the rotary head “rotates” based on its set radius to irrigate its assigned turf space.

Sprinkler Nozzles

e4-150x150The nozzle is a device that water passes through as it is leaving the head and is to be dispersed onto the landscape. Commonwealth Irrigation & Landscape relies on different nozzles to vary the quantity of water dispersed during the watering cycle, as well as the distance that water is to be thrown by each head. There are a variety of nozzles that can be used based on the irrigation needs. We utilize spray nozzles, rotary nozzles, and misting nozzles in an effort to match precipitation rates across the same zone.

Valves & Zones

Valves are the mechanical devices that turn the water on and off to the individual sections of the system. We break the area up into different “zones” or “stations” based on the layout. There are two basic types of valves being used today. Automatic valves which are operated by an electric controller, and manual valves that require a person to turn them on and off.

Manual Valves

Manual valves require you to have a wrench (or valve key) to turn them on. Systems with manual valves are seldom installed today. We can easily upgrade a system with manual valves to an automatic control system for greater efficiency.

Automatic Valves

Irrigation-Equipment-Valve-1-150x150Most systems installed today rely on automatic electric valves. These are the easiest systems to maintain and control. Most automatic valves operate on 24-volt electricity. Wires run in the ground along with the main line pipe to the valve and are connected to the controller. When the controller sends the 24-volt current to the valve, it opens. When the current is cut the valve closes.

Irrigation Timers, Controllers and Clocks

e7-150x150All three terms refer to the same piece of equipment, a device that controls the irrigation system and turns it on and off at a desirable time and operates the system for a preset period of time. The most common name referred to for this type of equipment is a controller. There are many different types of controllers on the market that offer a variety of features.

Rain Sensors

e8-150x150This item saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions. This is easily adjustable and an extension of your controller device.

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