Filterra Maintenance

All stormwater treatment systems require maintenance for effective operation. This necessity is often incorporated in your property’s permitting process as a legally binding BMP maintenance agreement.

Simple maintenance of the Filterra is required to continue effective pollutant removal from stormwater runoff before discharge into downstream waters. This procedure will also extend the longevity of the living biofilter system. The unit will recycle and accumulate pollutants within the biomass, but is also subjected to other materials entering the throat. This may include trash, silt and leaves etc. which will be contained within the void below the top grate and above the mulch layer. Too much silt may inhibit the Filterra’s flow rate. Regular replacement of the mulch stops accumulation of such sediment.

Maintenance Visit Summary

Each maintenance visit consists of the following tasks.

  1. Inspection of Filterra® and surrounding area
  2. Removal of tree grate and erosion control stones
  3. Removal of debris, trash and mulch
  4. Mulch replacement
  5. Plant health evaluation and pruning or replacement as necessary
  6. Clean area around Filterra
  7. Complete paperwork
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