Landscape Design & Enhancements

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape in Fredericksburg and Richmond VA has field management staff that works with you and our crew leaders with a focus on safety, appearance and sustainability.

Professional landscaper holding large scissors near an orange lawn mower


Safety is always a top priority. Simple improvements can significantly improve overall safety on your property. These improvements can reduce costly accidents and potential injuries. Many times, it is a  “line of sight” issue at a corner or in a parking lot. Sometimes, it is a dangerous tree and stormwater management issue. We are here to support you and your property in ensuring it is safe for your homeowners, visitors, tenants and customers.

garden with colorful plants and pathway made of bricks


Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape is as concerned about your property’s appearance as you and the people who use your property. The overall appearance effects value, safety, tenants, and the overall desire to want to visit. The appeal of your property can be impacted by overgrown plant material, dead trees and more. We will help in looking for cost effective methods to improve the overall appearance through site visits from our landscape experts, who live in the Community and understand what can make a positive difference.

Gardener surrounded by green plants while holding a green plant on a pot


Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape understands that “just any plant” will not provide the best results. We live in the Communities we work in and understand the climate and soil conditions. This, along with years of training, allows us to make smart, sustainable, recommendations for your property. These sustainable solutions with provide for thriving plant choices and conserve water during their live cycle.

A group of pink blooming petunias

Seasonal Color

Seasonal color can ensure your property is at its best year around. The splash of color at entrance ways, office areas and parking lots can be eye catching and enhance the visual appearance of the property..

mulched salvia flowers in front of a rock retaining wall


Mulching can be one of the best options to protect your plant material and improve appearance.  Mulching helps with weed suppression and water retention, reducing the need for watering and the use of pesticides.  Mulching can be a part of an annual contract program or installed as an enhancement package.  Either way, mulching is a great way to provider a clean visual impact to your property.