Plant Installation

Retaining walls with plant beds

Looking for a Landscaper near you?  We have been providing landscape services in the Fredericksburg and surrounding areas for more than 15 years.

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape has professional staff that can execute any size project, whether you need a simple, single tree installation or a comprehensive, total property transformation. We have an experienced staff able handle every aspect of your project. Our landscape team has vast experience and education in horticulture and design.

We work with many different Nurseries that provide for a wide selection of plant material. Our goal is to plant native plant material where possible as they will need less maintenance to survive and thrive in our area.

Our landscaping services include…

House with trees and shrubs

Tree and Shrub Planting

Trees and shrubs can provide a number of benefits to a property, from increased value, to comforting aesthetics, privacy and functionality.  A properly designed landscape plan can flourish for many years, bringing enjoyment and relaxation.

Flower bed prep

Bed Preparation

Properly preparing a planting area for new trees and shrubs can play a critical role in the plant material success.  Our clay based soils can lack nutrients and can be too dense and shock new root systems.

A group of pink blooming petunias

Seasonal Color

Seasonal color is usually seen in a commercial environment making entrance ways and other areas pop with color.  This option is fully available to improve the appearance of residential homes providing color all season long.

Row of commercial organic mulch in bags laid around the edge of a flowerbed on a neatly manicured green lawn


Mulch can be organic or inorganic, fine or coarse and, in some landscapes, it may even be rocks. Mulch is readily available, and Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape can help with getting it spread.  Applying mulch helps drainage, encourages root development, improves soil by making nutrients more available to plants and insulates soil and plants in winter months, while cooling the soil and reducing water use during hot summer months.

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