Irrigation Design & Installation

Irrigation Specialist digging an irrigation trench

Properly installing an irrigation system produces a longer lasting, higher survivability rate for new sod and existing lawns, while making it easier for plant maintenance in any landscape situation and all weather conditions. It is the most efficient utilization of water resources.  Furthermore, properly designing and installing a lawn sprinkler system creates optimum performance and a long lasting investment.

We “Set the Industry Standard” with our approach to custom design, listening to needs, and customer satisfaction.

Water efficient sprinkler watering a lawn

Water Efficient Custom Design

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape can design a system that is custom designed to the requirements of your lot-size and landscape features, it will actually conserve water, while giving you better coverage watering your yard than using hoses and above-ground sprinklers.

Guy using phone to adjust irrigation

Advanced Technology

A system installed by Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape will evenly water your lawn and plantings, in a sufficient quantity using all possible means to ensure efficient automatic controls such as timers and rain sensors. SMART controllers and WiFi linked controllers are an even better option to improve the use of water and ensure the correct amounts are being used at the right time of year. We understand the challenges that the soil creates in the Fredericksburg VA area, and can design the system to be effective in that environment.

Lawn irrigation sprinkler watering a lawn

Value For Money

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape will propose the most suitable technical solutions to provide the best value for your money. Our teams of professional installers, with the most modern machinery and equipment available today, will install a system of underground pipe, with minimal disruption to your lawn. All garden areas and planting beds are hand dug to minimize damage to the existing plant material. You can be sure your job will be handled in the most professional manner, from design to completion.

Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, we can analyze your short and long-term needs of the lawn and landscape safeguarding your investment and protecting its design integrity. We pay attention to detail and offer complete, prompt and courteous customer care. Our full service irrigation division is backed by trained technicians and our equipment and labor warranty will provide years of satisfaction.