Irrigation Management

Automatic sprinkler watering green lawn

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape’s Irrigation Division is a leader in the Fredericksburg, Richmond VA and surrounding areas in developing effective designs, cost effective enhancements, SMART technology and system analysis.

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape provides ongoing irrigation management and lawn sprinkler maintenance while we monitor turf and plant health during ongoing site visits to provide system adjustments and repairs with a focus on minimizing water usage and costs.

If your system is 5 zones or 205 zones, we are trained to install, manage and provide ongoing support.  Standard systems, SMART systems, pump stations, we have the staff required to manage the site.

Our trained irrigation staff live in the Community and work in the Community.  Through their continual education programs, they have a superior understanding of our local climate and can provide cost effective options with an understanding of the impact on plant material in our climate.

Listed below are the services Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape offer out of our Fredericksburg Virginia office.

Gardener installing an irrigation system in between cracks on soil

Design and Installation

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape can provide design ideas that are best suited for your property’s conditions. Understanding soil intake rates, flow rates, friction loss and matching precipitation rates all play a role in an effective design with a purpose. Commonwealth’s staff can incorporate SMART technology that will provide cost savings for many years. Once the design concept is complete, our trained installers can execute the plan with minimal disruption to the existing landscape and to your property’s daily activities.

Black smart phone and tablet placed side by side while they are on

Smart Irrigation Technology

As in most industries, the irrigation industry technology is changing at a rapid pace. From the simplest advancements in high efficiency nozzles and more effective rain sensors to SMART controllers that are weather based and can internet have connect ability. The ability to utilize advanced evapotranspoartion (ET) features, SMART systems will improve watering efficiency and usage and a way that provides effective cost savings.

Irrigation technician connecting a Tee fitting on a hose of a water irrigation system

Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Management

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape offers ongoing site visits to evaluate, adjust, repair and recommend improvements on a monthly basis. These visits results are captured on a site report to provide you with the most current information on your system’s performance. Overwatering and underwatering are costly, our trained service technicians are there analyzing your system, being proactive in making adjustments, as these small steps can have a large impact.

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape, with its trained staff can provide all the support required to improve your irrigation systems performance adding overall value to your property while working to save costs overall.  Whether you are located in Fredericksburg or Richmond VA or even in surrounding areas like Stafford and Prince William, we have the staff to provide the local support you require.