Landscaping Tips

Landscaping can many times feel overwhelming.  There are so many different types of plant material; each that grow a different way, bloom at different times, some are evergreen some deciduous.  What you may have experienced at other homes just will not work in your new one.  Combined by all the mulch options that are available, the process can be taxing.

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape is ready to help with your landscaping needs in any way we can. Check out some tips that might help you with your home.

Landscaping Basics

  • Decide what you need the plant to do. Is it decorative or for screening? Do you want it to bloom? This will help narrow the selection process down quickly.
  • When buying and installing new plants, consider its mature size. It may look small and cute when picking it up at the nursery, but many plants can get very big as they grow.
  • Look for plants that are considered “native” to our area. You will find they need less maintenance and have a higher survivability rate.
  • When mulching, try to keep mulch away from the trunk of trees and the base of shrubs. This will help reduce disease.
  • Look at reputable sources for more information. Here are a few guides that may help out.
planting flowers