Repair & Maintain Residential Irrigation Systems

Man repairing sprinkler head

Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape has certified technicians dedicated to the service and maintenance of your irrigation system. We are trained to service every manufacturer equipment type, so even if we did not install your system, we are prepared to help you with your service needs.

 Our office is staffed, so when you call, we answer.  Limiting the time, you need to wait to have your service need scheduled, knowing it is getting taken care of as quickly as possible.  Our office staff is trained to ask good questions to gather information about your property so that when our service technicians arrive, they can begin troubleshooting the problem immediately.

 In addition to servicing a wide range of irrigation manufacturers, we service the Fredericksburg, Stafford, Prince William VA and surrounding Virginia areas.

Service Program

We believe that a properly maintained system can last several decades. Our goal is to keep your system running at optimal performance and efficiency. Our service program is designed to cover all needs of your system throughout each year. It includes a “Spring Start-Up”, “Back-Flow Certification”, “Summer Monthly Visit”, and the “Winterization”.

We manage the dates in our office for when each service should be completed based on the time of year so that you can rest comfortably knowing that your outdoor investment in the irrigation system and landscape will always be protected. While on your property, we will make recommendations to you on how to best conserve water through use of new technologies and products now available.

In addition, we will make recommendations on how best to change your watering program so that as your lawn and garden matures over the years and its water needs change we can make your lawn and garden healthier while your water consumption is reduced. Just contact our office for details on how our Service Program can work for you.