Residential Grass Installation

Installing SOD

 Sod, Seed & Straw and Hydro-Seed

There are a lot of options when it comes to installing yards and new grass. In our market area, a Tall Fescue grass is most commonly used. As important as the grass selection is, how our clay based soil is treated during the grass installation process is equally as important.

Most planned communities have soil that has been denuded by the construction process. It is in need of nutrients and possibly even a soil amendment process.

We are well trained in the installation of sod, hydro-seed and seed and straw. Clearly there are differences in the installation process, costs, and the expected results. In addition, we have the irrigation knowledge to provide you with accurate watering guidelines for any application to better help achieve the desired result.

Grass growing from seed

Seed & Straw and Hydro-Seed

Hydro-Seed and Seed & Straw can provide the same results as sod, just over time. Although you will see new growth within ten to fourteen days, on average it takes a couple of years to achieve the same result that sod can give. Seed and Straw is a less expensive application and can produce great results if done properly. Most commonly seed and straw is used in an “over seeding” or “Lawn Rejuvenation” application.

Man carrying rolls of SOD


There are clear benefits to sod installation. It provides instant results and gratification. We install sod in new construction, lawn renewal, and as a part of any landscape package. We can even provide a Sod pamphlet to help with instructions on how to maintain your new sod.

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